Has Cher gone too far with cosmetic surgery?

Cher was pictured at LAX Airport in Los Angeles not looking great; her face was tense and not a wrinkle in sight. She has always been known to have a cosmetic procedure or two but it looks as if she is going for the Michael Jackson look.

Cher is now 66 and has been open with her love for cosmetic surgery stating, “Yes, I have had a facelift, but who hasn’t…I have become the plastic surgery poster girl.”

She finds that ageing in her job is not an option; you might as well not exist. Considering most celebrities are secretive about their surgery, Cher is most certainly not. She has admitted to having breast enlargement, rhinoplasty as well as laser surgery to remove tattoos.

From pictures it is clear that she has had Botox, and chemical peel treatments. There are also signs of upper and lower eye surgery as the skin around her eyes is smooth with no eye bags. A couple of facelifts have also been performed as her brows are now higher and her jawline is tighter.

It seems as if Cher has gone a few steps to far in the need to stay looking young, and is now looking as if she has had bad cosmetic surgery. She no longer looks natural and her appearance seems very odd.

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Leanne Brooks is the author of this guest post.


  1. Years ago she went over the top and looked terrible, but then she had it corrected and looked fabulous. From the photo above she still looks good…I love her !!!

  2. Did you have to use Michael Jackson to make a point about Cher’s surgery? Michael Jackson is not the only person in Hollywood to have plastic surgery. The man is dead. He been the joke long enough. Leave him alone.

    By the way, you may want plastic surgery by the time Mother Nature get through you, if you live long enough, so don’t judge and criticize those who do!

  3. !Article for stupid minds!

    So… R u nuts??? She is almost 70 years old!
    So what’s wrong with her face? It just looks according to age!
    Were is the problem? Aaah, I forgot -> that’s a no go in Hollywood.
    Such a shame. U should learn to respect & honour ppl (animals / nature / whatever) for what they’ve done in life & not for how they look!
    Blessedly most of the ppl wake up & understand for what it comes down to in the end.

    It’s all about love.

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