National Christmas Jumper Day for Save the Children

We commend all those people who run marathons, climb mountains, and jump out of planes for charity, but now there’s something that even the laziest of couch potatoes can get involved in… National Christmas Jumper Day!

Yep tomorrow is indeed National Christmas Jumper Day, so don your cheesiest, tackiest, fluffiest and Christmas-iest knit to help raise money for Save The Children. Whether you’re donating your spare change to the cause, or your entire office is taking part in something bigger, just get involved – every penny counts.

So not only does this give you the excuse to wrap up warm and snuggly for work and get in the Christmas spirit (hopefully an Xmas playlist has been made especially for the occasion) you’ll also be helping some of the world’s poorest children in the process. Now that truly is a Christmas gift worth giving!

Click here to find out more about the campaign, see how you and your coworkers, friends and family can get involved, and what the money you raise goes towards.

Ps: you can get the Christmas jumper in the pic above at Urban Outfitters for £45. 

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