Banish your blemishes!

We know we always harp on about clothes and accessories that you need in your lives, but we can’t forget about those essential beauty products either.

Don’t rule out beauty buys as cute little stocking fillers, secret Santa pressies or general gifts for the ones you love this Christmas – and that’s yourself included!

We’re all going to be getting glammed up these next few weeks for those Christmas parties and New Year celebrations, and that doesn’t just mean putting a gorgeous new frock on and slipping into some sky high heels. It also means that we’re going to ditch our natural make-up for something just that little bit more special to achieve that wow factor look… and our skin might suffer as a result.

Layering on the make-up is never great for the face, but luckily we found a product that can help restore it to its smoother, blotch-free self in no time.

We know that irritated or red skin can be a visual and literal pain, and all the make-up we pile on it might make it look better temporarily, but doesn’t do it any favours in the long run. So instead of suffering in silence or not doing anything about it, why don’t you treat your skin with a wonderful blemish balm from Dr Med Christine Schrammek Kosmetik available at her BB cream shop.

It was developed especially for irritated, large-pored and impure skin, and the texture with panthenol and bisabolol is said to calm the redness of the skin. It comes in three different colour shades, which means it just got easier to cover up all those imperfections without layering on the foundation and risking the skin getting even more irritated with the vicious cycle. And best of all, the BB Cream has a soft matting effect which leaves the skin feeling nice, smooth and non-greasy. Result!

And remember – BB Cream is for life and not just for Christmas!

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