Go smart with British Gas

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As much as you’d like to spend every hard-earned penny on collating a new season Isabel Marant-stuffed wardrobe, or maybe stocking up on stylish (read: expensive) striped pieces to get ahead of next season’s trend wave, there are other things to be slightly more concerned about in life.

These ‘other things’ include considering your daily electricity consumption when sliding those GHD straightners over your locks to rival Jen Aniston’s hair, or just how much of a gas bill you’re having to foot every time you decide to play Jamie Oliver in the kitchen (successfully, or not).

British Gas is adding a few extra pennies (and pounds) to your fashion fund this winter by urging you to become an early adopter of the smart meter revolution – something British Gas, together with the Government, has pledged to provide in all homes by 2019.

What are smart meters?

Simply put, British Gas smart meters put you in control of your household energy consumption, allowing you to track your gas and electricity usage with the help of a Smart Energy Monitor. Keeping an eye on how much gas and electricity you consume will provide you with a concrete opportunity to save, by cutting down on energy waste, and with smart meter readings automatically sent to British Gas once a day, meaning no more dreaded estimated bills, you are promised total peace of mind.

How do they work?

Helping you to save money and carbon, and making the UK a leader in energy efficiency, smart meters remove the need for the middle man – that being the meter reader who has the painstakingly mundane job of knocking on every door in the UK to take manual meter readings. A British Gas smart meter works in sync with an in-home display unit (Smart Energy Monitor) to give you an instant update on your energy consumption.

What are the benefits of British Gas smart meters?

Apart from the introduction of simplified, accurate billing and energy savings for every house installed with a smart meter, a recent report commissioned by the British Gas found that the roll out of smart meters could save British hones and businesses nearly £14 billion.The report also found that, by allowing households and business to see the amount of energy they consume, the average household would save 5% (around £60) on their yearly bill – a big saving when you consider the effect of estimated bills and the £1.3 billion that is lost every year through British households not fully switching off electronic gadgets.

The push for lowering energy bills will always come with an even bigger push for limiting the environmental consequence of energy wastage, and smart meters will enable consumers to control both.

Want to air your opinion on the roll out of smart metering across the UK? Head over to the British Gas Facebook and Twitter page and check out the video below on how to use the smart meter once it has been installed.

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