5 Fun adult onesies (with hoods!)

Although we spent our festive holiday doing very little other than eating, snoozing, drinking, and, well, eating, we did make time to keep up with everyone’s celebrations via Twitter and Facebook.

And judging by the expansion in waistlines and want for comfortable (read: bulge-concealing) clothing, onesies we’re on the tips of the tongues of even the most fashion conscious.

But if like us, your New Year resolution to banish the festive flab to the gym isn’t quite going to plan, the onesie will continue to provide undisturbed comfort and enough room to avoid the dreaded skinnies for as long as possible. Well, they do say ignorance is bliss…

If you’re a onsie-obsessive, you’ll already have stocked up on different prints, colours and designs, but for those treading the treacherous path of the all-consuming one-piece for the first time, we’ve selected five fun onesies to suit all budgets and complete with hoods, in case you actually intend on getting off the couch and stepping outside to show off your baby grow for grown ups (did we just say that?!).

Click below to shop our favourite onesies.

Kendal Aztec Onesie In White, £24.99, available at Missguided

Sorbet Star Print Onesie, £25, available at Very

College 48 Grey Melange Onesie, £149, available at Onepiece

Stripe Royal Blue/White Onesie, £149, available at Onepiece

Lara USA flag Hooded Onesie, £30, available at boohoo

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