Christopher Kane Dutch-print Princess Dress: Yay or nay?

As well as being the darling of London Fashion Week, Christopher Kane’s directional-yet-wearable designs translate perfectly off-catwalk, too. Point in case: the stunning Dutch-print dress we can’t get enough off.

But being a high-end piece with a pocket-emptying price tag, it’s important to patiently consider such a purchase before going in for the (sartorial) kill. Well, can you blame us?

A stunning, silk-organza fusion of Kane’s incredibly design ability, the Dutch-print dress boasts a beautifully ambiguous black brush stroke and blue flower print. Sheer chiffon inserts splicing the dress add edge, whilst a feminine princess cut makes it a sure-fire party staple.

In line with your honed-to-perfection shopping savvy, we weighed up the pros and cons of the Dutch-print dress, so when it comes to crunch, or rather, ‘click’ time, you’re decision is a stylistically sound one. After all, we are dealing with the delicate matter of a ridiculously beautiful dress.


  • Banishes the ‘wear once’ rule: the mix of unique prints won’t leave you trend-confined and will mean you can get more wear out of your dress – something that is often not the case with statement pieces.
  • Dual purpose dressing: The subtle colour and softly-spread print makes the Dutch-print dress the ideal candidate for a day-to-night, office-to-drink style situation. Dress up with glam heels and a clutch, or down with a well-cut jacket and simple mid-heel pumps (how very K Middy!).
  • Fashion-forward yet feminine: Kane’s creations don’t necessarily bow to an overly feminine aesthetic – he balances out the ladylike silhouette with concealed pockets and cleverly inserted chiffon slices, because every fashion-lover knows Kane’s designs demand ethereal to be mixed with edgy. The perfect option for tomboyish fashionistas amongst us!



  • Dry clean only: footing a hefty cleaning bill after forking out a fortune for a piece of C.Kane goodness isn’t ideal, but considering you’ll probably attend a few parties in this stunning number, and will be at constant risk of being a spilt drink magnet as envious onlookers admire your dress from near, you may need to strike up a friendship (and some sort of cost-effective deal) with your local dry cleaner, fast!
  • Emptying the fashion fund: with a brow-raising £1,790 price tag the Dutch-print dress won’t sit pretty in the High Street compartment of your wardrobe, so maybe a little Starbucks-starving would need to be endured if you want to land your mitts on this beauty. Calculate the cost-per-wear. Go on.
  • Body shape suitability: If you’ve been endowed with an envy-inducing bottom half akin to J-Lo or Kim K, dressing for your shape will be a top priority. Full-skirted dresses aren’t particularly flattering on pear and hourglass figures, so it’s worth considering if the voluminous skirt of the Dutch-print dress will work for you. An expensive mistake if you end up feeling more frump than fabulous!


Christopher Kane Dutch-print Princess Dress, £1,790, available at Matches

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