Beyonce’s Baracci wedding dress goes on sale for $30K

beyonce baracci wedding dress

Remember the gorgeous princess-inspired silk Baracci wedding dress that Beyonce donned for her Best Thing I Never Had music video? Watch the video below if you want to refresh your memories. Or if you just want a good power ballad to blare out of your speakers on this chilly Wednesday afternoon; use your computer mouse as a microphone and lip-sync away! We digress…

The Swarovski covered ballgown originally came with a $85,000 price tag (we don’t know whether Bea or her team actually paid that much for it, though) but it’s now being sold for “just” $30,000. Still sounds like an eye-watering amount, but not when you realise it’s had a $55,000 reduction. And was draped on Beyonce’s gorgeous body… surely that’s priceless?

So, if you’re a US size 4 and have a spare $30K knocking around (or you think this is a good reason to dip into the “rainy day” fund) you can head to and snap it up before someone else beats you to it. Tempted?

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