New Look compares stats from all four Fashion Month cities – which one came out on top?

Did you know that New York Fashion Week was the most talked about of all four cities on those good old social networking sites this September? Oh yes, and Victoria Beckham – along with Alexander Wang and DKNY – were the top designer Twitter trends. Does that surprise you?

We can never have enough VB, but we thought that as it spanned the most days and boasted and some of the biggest fashion Houses from Dior to Chanel presenting their collections, Paris Fashion Week would have walked away with that title. What do you guys think?

You can check out loads of fun facts and statistics about Fashion Month in the infographic compiled by New Look above, which also contains info about celebrity appearances in all four cities, how much visitors spent, and most importantly of all, what the themes and trend highlights were.

Despite all the stats though, New Look’s favourite city is our wonderful capital – London – which is why we were quite biasedly more than happy to share this information with you. Do you agree with New Look – is London the most stylish of all four cities?



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