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Lunchtime Buy: UGG Alloway glitter embellished earmuffs


Cold ears – no one wants that, right?

When we want to protect our ears from the chill we usually opt for comfy cosy winter hats, which definitely do the trick; plus they look great too!

However, with hats comes the thing that every hat-wearer fears: the dreaded hat hair –shudder! Sometimes it’s nothing that a quick once over with a brush can’t fix, but sometimes it just isn’t possible!

Luckily for us and our barnets, earmuffs have been invented, and we definitely won’t be leaving the house without these UGG Alloway glitter embellished earmuffs now that we’ve set eyes upon them.

Yes these UGG Alloway glitter embellished earmuffs will keep us warm during the colder months, but more importantly they’ll keep our hair in tact too. Plus, look how sparkly they are?! If a little bit of bling on your head isn’t going to cure the winter blues, we don’t know what will.

UGG Alloway glitter embellished earmuffs, £70

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