Win an iPhone 5S!

Do you want to get your hands on the juiciest, most in-demand and covetable piece of technology without spending a penny or committing yourself to a long two year contract? Well then today is your lucky day, as we’re giving you the chance to win a shiny, brand new iPhone 5S!

All you have to do is sign up to our newsletter by entering your email address below and cross your fingers and toes.

The competition starts today and ends on November 28th 2013.

(If you’re already a subscriber enter your email address anyway to make sure you’re entered into the comp)

The competition is only open to our UK readers on this occasion, but we promise we’ll have another fab comp for our readers across the pond soon.

Good luck!


  1. love to try one of these! Fingers crossed!

  2. Hello


    Thank you.

  4. Hugh McLaughlin says:

    nice prize

  5. fingers and toes crossed :) great giveaway!!

  6. oh how fab


  8. Fingers crossed

  9. i would love to be brought up to date with an i phone fingers crossed xx

  10. Great Prize

  11. joanne newbould says:

    love to win


  13. Cerys Ellerbeck says:

    Would LOVE LOVE LOVE one of these!! x

  14. yes please

  15. If I’m going to be in with a chance of winning an iPhone, I guess I should get my kids to give me a tad of tech advice so I will be in with a chance of using one too lol. Good luck to all.

  16. Great fun!

  17. Kevin Williams says:

    someone’s got to win so it might as well be me !! :)

  18. I would love to win this!

  19. Oooh yes please!

  20. Entered and tweeted, thanks!


    fingers crossed xxx

  22. Julie Smithson says:


  23. Here’s hoping

  24. Yes please

  25. Andrew Pettinger says:

    Worth a roll of the dice!

  26. Entered!

  27. Mike Churchward says:

    great prize

  28. Mint

  29. Entered :)

  30. Thanks

  31. Thanks

  32. Thanks

  33. Fingers Crossed

  34. Thumbs up!

  35. Linda Griffiths says:

    Fingers crossed

  36. Lorraine McNichol says:

    Would love one of these x

  37. stephen morley says:


  38. Would love to win, great prize!

  39. Good good

  40. Great prize

  41. Yvonne McTighe says:

    Great to replace my old phone, size of a house brick.

  42. Marion Courtney says:

    New phone would be good

  43. a great prize—-thanks so much!

  44. Thanks

  45. thanks

  46. Fingers crossed

  47. Fab~thank you for the chance :)

  48. Really good site!

  49. Dorota Amellal says:



  51. Would love to win it, my mobile phone is dying slowly :/

  52. phone me now!

  53. Lovely gift for my daughter!

  54. Nice prize :)

  55. would love to win one

  56. Lesley Anderson says:

    Fantastic prize for whoever wins…..

  57. Isobel Gibbons says:

    good prize

  58. Cool prize

  59. Winning this magnificent prize, is to me, akin to catching a rainbow in a Jar….Magic!

  60. I need a new one too.

  61. Thank you!

  62. great prize and a wonderful gift for my husband

  63. My old one is battered and even has horse hair in it.

  64. nice prize better than my old phone by far

  65. Great prize would be lovely to win

  66. great prize

  67. brill prize

  68. Wonderful prize

  69. Would be best Xmas ever with 5s!


  71. frances conley says:

    Fingers crossed

  72. Excellent

  73. Elizabeth Burke says:

    fingers crossed

  74. Great phone,

  75. Graham Williams says:

    Good Prize

  76. Keeping my fingers crossed :D

  77. Cool

  78. Good luck everyone

  79. must have one

  80. Yes please

  81. Champagne please !

  82. 04

  83. mrs linda gill says:

    DON’T HAVE A PHONE ..aaarrrrgggh

  84. Love it!

  85. Love to win it

  86. It’s mine I tell you…all mine.

  87. Would love one pls

  88. Good luck to everyone

  89. Amal Beaini is a text book case of Munchausens Syndrome by proxy

  90. hi i would really like to win an i phone 5s as i love apple product and evreyone in my school has all the latest phones and i have an old one an it jut not fair but my parents i dont think can afford a new i phone 5s plz let me win

  91. It would be a great Christmas present! Good luck!

  92. Perfect for the best christmas present. x

  93. Lindsey Morris says:

    Perfect for capturing all those 2013 Christmas memories. X

  94. June Powell-Etherington says:

    Ideal present for my lovely daughter


    Great prize

  96. need to try one have never had mobile

  97. Perfect Christmas present for someone special

  98. nice!!!

  99. david hurcombe says:

    really could do with one, autistic son smashed mine, and deffo wont be able to replace till after xmas

  100. Very nice

  101. Great prize

  102. would love this phone

  103. GREAT!

  104. Great

  105. great.

  106. wow fingers crossed

  107. My Son Kai wants one sooo badly for Xmas but i can’t afford one as i’m off work with a longtime illness, would give my left kidney for one if anyone would have it lol!

  108. great prize

  109. I love these competitions because of the opportunity to enter into the modern age with new technology

  110. I love these competitions because of the chance to enter the modern age with new technology.

  111. Joanne penketh says:

    Brilliant competition

  112. There’s no submit button to subscribe to you. (I’ve tried in IE, Firefox & Google Chrome). I would love to enter please!

  113. Excellent Prize

  114. Thank You! Have entered x

  115. Thanks for such a great opportunity – fingers crossed :-)

  116. Rachael farley says:

    Fantastic prize – thank you x

  117. Ms colleen Thomas says:

    Nice prize

  118. What a lovely win this would be… Fingers,toes,legs and fingers crossed….

  119. maria sanderson says:

    great prize

  120. great stuff

  121. Great prize

  122. just the job!

  123. Just in time for Christmas. A time for giving…

  124. Great Prize

  125. Thank you and good luck to you all

  126. Kerry A Chaston says:

    Wow super prize, fingers and toes are firmly crossed, thank you :) x

  127. Great prize

  128. Great prize

  129. Cant see a submit button to enter my email address. Please sign me up and enter me into the comp..Thanks

  130. very nice

  131. Tracey Chalkley says:

    Singed up, thank you

  132. Fingers crossed

  133. Fab prize

  134. great prize

  135. wow how fab x

  136. Amanda Jeffery says:

    Fab prize

  137. Jennifer cairns says:

    Would have a very happy daughter if I won lol x

  138. Who is the winner?

  139. Joanne penketh says:

    Has the lucky winner been drawn yet?

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