Going to Las Vegas? Make sure you’re appropriately dressed…

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Whenever you see scenes in the movies featuring a casino, the older the film is the more usual it is for there to be an air of opulence about them. In the beginning, when casinos were a playground only for the wealthy, they always had that glamorous feel about them. Go to Monte Carlo today, and what you wear will still be considered very important. However, in many of the Las Vegas casinos, the idea of there being a dress code is something that just isn’t relevant today. Of course, to get into the VIP rooms, this might be the case, but for the majority of casinos, it’s not what the customers are wearing that counts, it’s what they’re spending on the gaming!

There is such an amazing variety of people who go to play casino in Las Vegas today that pretty much anything goes in terms of wardrobe. If you want to wear an evening dress and get your man in a tux, you’ll fit right in. Alternatively, if you’re more of a t-shirt and jeans fan, then that’s cool in Vegas too.

Although there’s no official dress code, playing casino does still have that air of decadence and extravagance to it, so there’s no reason why you can’t go for full-out glamour, especially in the evenings when you go gaming in some of the world’s most exciting casino venues. One useful piece of advice though, would be to make sure you can walk around easily. The casinos are huge and you’re likely to cover a lot of ground even within one of them. So you don’t want to make the mistake of wearing shoes you can’t walk in without getting blisters!

The whole atmosphere up and down the Las Vegas Strip is one of extravagance – everyone is there to have a good time and spend money. And maybe by dressing up to look the part, that helps give you a sense of confidence, and perhaps that self-confidence will improve your luck at the tables. There’s no harm in trying, anyway!

Today, of course, the majority of people who play casino do so online – and then what you wear doesn’t get given much consideration at all. You could be in your PJs or tracky bottoms, it doesn’t make any difference! But if you’re planning a trip to Sin City in the next little while, it’s a good idea to get some practice in online so that you don’t feel like a complete novice when you arrive in Vegas and want to play a game like roulette or craps.

For reviews on the best places to play online, check out thetop10bestonlinecasinos.com for a round-up of the different bonuses and payout percentages that are on offer. You’ll also find tips and tutorials on the basics of how to each casino game.

You may just land a big win online that you can spend on some fabulous new clothes for that trip to Vegas!

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