Fur is a £24 billion industry!

kim kardashian fur

Regardless of where you stand in the pro fur or anti fur camp, we can’t ignore the fact that the fur trade is probably bigger than ever. So big that figures released by the International Fur Federation show that it’s now valued at a staggering £24 billion – which is also the estimated cost of the entire Wi-Fi market. Let’s take a moment to think about that…

“It’s easy to get caught up in the emotions that the business can generate, but the truth is that the fur trade is an economic cornerstone in Europe and beyond,” IFF CEO Mark Oaten said. “Much of the fashion and increasingly the soft furnishings world relies on fur – and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.”

Fur is always going to be a controversial subject, so we thought it was only right to let PETA founder Ingrid E Newkirk weigh in on the issue, too…

“Fur is so cheap these days that furriers have resorted to paying designers and celebrities to use it, but its cheapness is reflected in the world of Kardashian freebies and the shallowness of the wearer”.

Yikes! We think we’ll leave it there! Where do you stand? Are you shocked by the value of the fur industry?

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  1. I am absolutely shocked by the value of the fur market today. It doesn’t fit with my opinion of a more ethical world, more human with animals. We should try, as a priority, to minimze the impact on other sensitives creatures especially when it is so easily achiveable. Don’t we have great alternatives to fur ? don’t we have the possibility to recycle fabrics and to create greener materials ? Isn it aknowledge by the FAO that the fur sector has the highest ecological footprint in the textile sector ? Industrials should come up with better ideas to create great fabrics that do not imply the death of so many beautifull animals for a frivolous thing.

  2. Irene Barrett says:

    Sicking to the core! These human beings are all about greed without an ounce of compassion. These people that use animals like this are despicable. The lowest of all mankind.

  3. Norma Jean Dailey says:

    I wonder if it would make any difference to people like that plastic looking Kardashian when they are thrown in a room where there are animals writhing in pain trying to bite there legs off to get out of traps or watching animals getting skinned right in front of their surgically altered faces? I wonder if these cold , compassionless people would care then? See how Kim likes her pretty coat then!

  4. They look disgusting. It’s a sad, sad world we live in, where people can be so cruel to animals.

    But look at where it’s coming from. Do you want to look like KK, or be like her? She is a JOKE.

  5. This is absolutely horrible. Do these people understand what is happening to the animals. If you do and don’t care then you are sadistic and evil. If you don’t then find out. Kardashians are so self centered and uncaring about anything other than themselves. Come on Hollywood, take a stand against this!

  6. Laura Roberts Garcia says:

    Quit posting pictures of idiots wearing fur!

  7. when you wear fur you are wearing the symbol of death with you.

  8. Karen Wescott says:

    I really do wish that Hollywood would take a stand against fur. I wish more places like bars, restaurants and social gathering spots would also take a stand against fur wearers. If that were to happen and the word got out that it is not cool or glamorous to wear fur, I think the trend would dwindle. I hope one day (SOON) this wish becomes a reality.

  9. This is disgusting…. I mean would you drape human skin over your pet, its just the same. I still don’t see the attraction in wearing an animal it doesn’t look good .It just shows are shallow you are .

  10. kelvin thomas says:

    Please stop wearing fur! Or, take a look at how animals are skinned alive or how they are inhumanely killed!

  11. I don’t understand why they can’t just use fake fur if it’s such a big deal! It looks exactly the same and no one gets hurt! People that wear real fur are as bad as the people that go out and murder the poor innocent animals! I don’t know how people like that can sleep at night!

  12. Kloe k did and add about fur once. It was, she’d rather go naked then wear fur!! Follow her lead!

  13. Camille Angeli says:

    Cheepness is Right! She looks like a prostitute.

  14. Absolutely disgusting,
    Selfish shallow human beings.
    You should see how these dogs are skinned alive and stamped on.
    And boiled alive.

    I hope these sick people get their karma.

    And the meat industry is just as bad as is leather.

  15. This is disgusting. Why is this woman who prostituted herself to be famous is constantly shoved in our faces. Shame on everyone who wears furs. Majority are women, and how can you be mothers, when you wear death and torture of an animal child on your backs. No wonder karma eventually will come and get you.

    Fur is pathetic. We do have so many alternatives right now to create fabric to mimic almost anything, why do we continue engaging in atrocity that is fur farming.

  16. David A. Hereaux says:

    Fur is equal to eating meat, which is equal to molesting children. The human virus is worse than AIDS. http://news.discovery.com/human/genetics/animals-consciousness-mammals-birds-octopus-120824.htm

  17. Wearing fur shows everyone that your ugly on the inside and out. It’s hard to overcome some people’s need to wear fur as a way of declaring to the world that they are heartless, cruel, selfish A**HOLES!! Hopefully, over time, there will be fewer and fewer of those awful people around. (May I suggest some kind of forced sterilization so that they are unable to reproduce ;o)

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