A step-by-step guide to the Game of Thrones Daenerys braided hairstyle!

game of thrones braided hairstyle how to

There are so many things we love about Game of Thrones – and the hair is just one of them!

If you fancy creating Daenerys’ instantly recognisable braided look for yourself – or creating it on someone else to pass the time while the boys are watching a little thing known as The World Cup – then you’re in luck, as we have the step-by-step tutorial right here, all thanks to Butterfly Studio Salon stylist Jason Dougherty. Ok, here goes:

Split hair down the middle and part out a section around the temple of the head to be used for this top braid.

  • Place a light gel or serum like Shu Uemura’s Touch of Gloss on the crown for shine.
  • Then create an inverted braid along the head on both sides and connect in the back.
  • Prep the remaining hair with Oribe’s Dry Texture Spray.
  • Start a Waterfall Braid along the head on both sides and connect with the first braid.
  • Finally, use a curling wand to curl the hair.
  • Use your hands and a comb to backcomb the hair for this textured messy look. Place an ornate necklace as a headpiece for an added touch.

And you’re done! Send us a pic of your efforts – we’re dying to see how you got on!


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