Brazilian Dance Culture explained! (Plus step by step instructions to recreate the moves yourself!)

Brazil may be responsible for giving us some great footballing action for the next few weeks, but that’s not all we can credit the South American country for.

We also have Brazil to thank for some of the most entertaining and energetic dances known to man – just look at all the fun facts about Brazilian dance below to see what we mean!

Eagle-eyed readers who might have given this post a quick once-over before getting properly stuck in may already know that the infographic created by Dancemania below doesn’t just feature information about the dances, oh no. It also contains step by step instructions for how to do the moves yourself.

Oh yes, ladies and gents – push the office chairs and tables back this Friday morning and get into the Brazilian party spirit by replicating some of the dance moves for yourselves. A dance partner is optional but highly encouraged!

We’re downloading backing music for the Zouk as we speak…

brazilian dance culture

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