Lunchtime Buy: Charlotte Olympia Hermione suede boots


We have New York Fashion Week fever – which means we are in the mood for anything that will get us a lot of (good) attention and make us feel like superstars at the same time. And today’s lunchtime buy fits the bill quite nicely.

You know you’re onto a winner with whatever Charlotte Olympia piece you buy, and these Charlotte Olympia Hermione suede boots are no exception. Let’s just take a moment to stare at them and appreciate their greatness…

These Charlotte Olympia Hermione suede boots aren’t your ordinary pair of boots though – as you can see from the picture above they seem to have quite a large chunk of them missing. So don’t think of them as your go-to piece of footwear for when the weather turns and you need to wrap up warm. Instead, think of them as an extension of your stiletto collection with an added suede strappy twist. You didn’t honestly expect boring and conventional with a Charlotte Olympia piece, did you?

If, like us, you need these Charlotte Olympia Hermione suede boots in your life, then we suggest snapping them up soon as they’re on sale and might not be around for very much longer. You have been warned!

Charlotte Olympia Hermione suede boots, £895 £402.75

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