Infographic: The Couch Years

The couch deserves a lot of appreciation. If you’re anything like us, you look forward to relaxing on the couch as soon as you get home. The couch has witnessed us spending nights in, unable to hold back the tears while watching sad, romantic movies. And what about those fun girly parties, drinking wine, gossiping and laughing. Oh the stories our couch could tell if only they could talk.

The couch is also home to all that loose change that always seems to come in so handy when we need to run down to the corner shop for a pint of milk. In fact, if you were to search all the couches in Britain you’d be a millionaire. Actually you’d have £40 million in the bank to be exact.

Yes, the couch is probably the most important piece of furniture in the home.

For more fun facts on the couch check out the infographic below created by Couch.


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