Star Wars Weddings: Nuptials in a Galaxy Far, Far Away


Many people are obsessed with the movie franchise, Star Wars. In fact, some people are so enamored by the movie, they throw Star Wars-themed parties, while others take it to yet another level by using the theme for their wedding ceremony. The elegant settings, the elaborate costumes and the colourful characters all lend a hand in creating an exciting wedding.

The Star Wars theme is versatile, too. Couples can create a wedding that can be casual or elegant. No matter what the budget, it is easy to incorporate the theme, from the hairstyles and outfits, to the décor and even wedding invitations. Although it may be difficult to find them, it is easy to create your own galactically-inspired invites at

Here are some other ways to incorporate Star Wars into your wedding:

  • The Wedding Coiffures: The bride and any female attendants can adopt the Princess Leia look, but for a classier version of the braided side buns, a chic Gibson roll with a bit of volume added to each side is a sophisticated choice.
  • The Wedding Outfits: Yes, the bride can go for the complete Princess Leia costume, but you could also incorporate a few of the most notable traits by wearing a classic column dress free of added texture or decorations with a high neckline and long sleeves. Flared sleeves would make a nice touch, without making you look like you’re ready for ComicCon.

The same goes for the groom or anyone in the wedding party. They can go full out as Jedi’s or Storm Troopers, or just incorporate a few elements to maintain the spaced-out theme.

  • The Wedding Music: Tailor every person’s entrance to the music of the movie. Storm Trooper attendants can enter to Darth Vader’s theme song. The groom can be introduced with the Throne Room score played at the end of Episode IV, for example. Princess Leia flower girls or bridesmaids can walk in at the beginning of the Across the Stars love song, while the bride can walk down the aisle towards the end as the song comes to a dramatic climax.
  • The Wedding Cake: Although some weddings include the famous Storm Trooper characters in the wedding party or as guest greeters, you could shave expenses by using them as a cake topper or for table centerpieces, too. Mr. and Mrs. R2-D2 or a mini Hans and Leia in the form or Legos or peg dolls would be a nice topper, too.
  • The Reception: Instead of numbering your guest tables, name them with Star War-themed names, like Tatooine, Mustafar and Kamino instead.
  • The Guests: Ask your guests to join in the fun by attending dressed up as their favorite Star Wars character. You may be surprised which ones they choose, and everyone will have fun guessing.
  • The Yoda Speak: Incorporate the Yoda style of speaking for announcements, invitations and signage for some added wedding whimsy. Some famous Yoda quotes include “Always pass on what you have learned,” and “Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.”
  • The Light Sabers: Instead of throwing rice or confetti, have guests see you out using light sabers. They can hold them up as you pass underneath as you exit.

When planning your Star Wars wedding, let your imagination run wild. To make it easier, choose a theme from one of the movies instead of blending all of them into one mixed-up theme. Keep it simple while allowing guests, attendants and your wedding party to enjoy the event in their own way, too. Your wedding will be one that people will talk about for a long time.

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