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Do your cheeks flush at the mere mention of anything related to intimate health or even worse the word vagina? You’re not alone. According to research conducted by Vagisil, 47% of British women feel embarrassed when they hear the word ‘vagina’ and even more shocking, 47% of women are too shy to talk to friends or family about intimate health issues. Sad but true.

We really shouldn’t feel any form of shame when discussing something so natural. And the fact that we do has resulted in many of us not feeling comfortable with broaching the subject with a G.P. In fact, of the 2000 women surveyed, 31% have never spoken to a health care professional about intimate issues and 15% have suffered in silence and let problems become worse.

But what’s the reason? Possibly our culture and the media? Yes, it’s true we can be quite prudish when it comes to such subjects, with topics such as sex being taboo. Moreover, with the constant bombardment of celebrities and their unrealistic photoshopped bodies, it’s no surprise that some of us ladies lack confidence.

In a bid to raise awareness and #EndEmbarassment, Vagisil has released a video featuring the survey results. We think it’s great and fully support the campaign. Hopefully we can reach a point where we feel more comfortable to engage in open and honest conversations about intimate health and subsequently end embarrassment once and for all.

This post has been sponsored by Vagisil but concerns our own opinion.

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