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5 Glamorous Wedding Dresses Under £400


Once upon a time, buying a wedding dress meant spending a small fortune on a dress that would and could only be worn once, only for it to be relegated to the back of the wardrobe as a treasured piece that brought back memories of a wonderful day.

That used to be the story and life of the wedding dress. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. With many of our favourite high street stores offering beautiful options at a fraction of the price, and with bridal inspired gowns seen all over the red carpet of late, now brides-to-be can get more bang for their buck when splurging on a dress. Top tip? Invest a wedding dress versatile enough to wear on future occasions.


Corrina Bridal Dress, £499 £399 available at Monsoon


Isabella Bridal Dress, £499 £399 available at Monsoon


Willow Lace Bridal Dress, £199 £149, available at Monsoon


Analia Bridal Dress, £399 £299, available at Monsoon


Aria Bridal Dress, £299 £219, available at Monsoon

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