Author: Claire Dodd

Get the look: Coco Chanel

A thin, claret-coloured pout, flawless alabaster skin with just a hint of peach blush, angular jet-black brows and numerous strings of pearls. Every fashion icon has a particular image, in […]

Five of the best: Sequin jackets

Gone are the days when sequin jackets were only associated with bingo callers, Elvis impersonators and holiday park entertainers. Pick a good one and it really doesn’t matter if you’re […]

Get huge lips and skinny hips

I’m in a bit of a quandary about this product. I can’t decide if it is genius or spectacularly sinister. Huge Lips Skinny Hips by New York cosmetics brand Purple […]

Hotel Missoni opens in Edinburgh

There’s a new fashion capital to add to the map – Edinburgh. After four years of planning and building, Hotel Missoni Edinburgh finally opens its doors this week, amidst much […]

MiH: The not so new cult jeans

MiH Jeans really do wear their heart on their, er, legs. You can spot their classic British tailoring a mile off. Maybe it’s the crisp pleats and tucks, or the […]