Author: Hannah Fox

How to Care for Your Dresses

Most of the materials that make your formal attire and dresses so lovely need a little extra love when it comes to caring for them, and you don’t want to […]

The Science of Seven Yoga Chakras

Have you ever heard about a notion of chakra? A chakra is an energy center in your body. Overall, there are seven different chakras, responsible for seven different locations and […]

Tips For Choosing A Luxury Watch

Once upon a time watches were simply a means of timekeeping. But then technology happened and currently the importance of watches was seriously questioned. As a consequence, from a necessary […]

The Three Ancient Wonders of Turkey

Boasting amazing weather, outstanding views and a deep historical background, Turkey had many different occupants throughout history. Lycians are one of the earliest recorded, as well as Hittites, Romans, Greek, […]