Author: Katy Smail

Glove Love!

As part of my inherent love for any modern take on ladylike style, the kind of details that recall a time when gentlemen tipped their hats on cobbled streets as […]

The Edge of Style!

As ubiquitous as the images from “The Edge of Love” (the upcoming film about poet Dylan Thomas starring Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller) have become, I can’t help but love […]

Style buttoned up: The Denim Skirt

Recently added to my all-consuming and ever-growing skirt collection/ addiction (depending on your point of view….) is a high waisted, button through pale denim number which I have literally not […]

Dress Like a Queen!

Its impossible to open a newspaper (or terrible gossip magazine….) at the moment without having to endure a thorough examination of the sartorial decisions of our young royals. Yawn. It’s […]

Summer Buys: Old Man Cardigans

I am not ashamed to admit that my favourite item of clothing is an ink-stained, moth-eaten, beige grandfather cardigan that I am fairly certain used to belong to to a […]

Tim Walker: Fashion spun from dreams

It is my humble opinion that we use contemporary fashion magazines as modern day storybooks for grown up little girls; an instrument of escapism, aspiration and imagination. The photographic stories […]

Summer Beauty: Painted Eyes

Forget the ubiquitous ‘paint splattered’ prints that are apparently the only thing that will do this summer. There is no fun in wearing somebody else’s painting on a skirt that […]

Trends: Peek-a-boo!

Visible bra straps? Frowned upon, yes, but grossly overlooked, I say. As with so many fashion “rules”, there is so much more fun to be had when “don’ts” are entirely […]

Trends: Folky Girls

As the dawn of summer festivals prepares to rise , my yearning to be swaying in a sunlit meadow whilst a girl sings onstage with a strumming guitar and a […]

Pale Summer…

It’s that time of year again. Glamazonian models stare down from countless magazine stands, every article contains the word ‘golden’ and the faint smell of fake tan is in the […]

Summer Jacket Time: Blazers

With the first rays of real sunlight creeping in my dusty window comes the faint but enchanting prospect that summer might be just around the corner. Whilst sandals and bikinis […]

Spring Style: Top Knots

Unable to take the plunge and actually chop my hair, I have found a less permanent way to have a spring fling with my ‘do. When you are known for […]

Trends: Checkmate

Not usually one to partake in any item of clothing that might come under the banner of “androgynous”, I tend to ignore any call to arms for “sharp masculine tailoring” […]

Wendybird: Fashion in motion

Getting dressed the other morning, as I twirled in my flippy little skirt and enjoyed that brief moment of bare legged joy before pulling on the black opaques and enjoying […]

Sock it to me Spring!

Apparently, Spring has sprung! Although the wild blizzard I had to navigate through this morning would beg to differ…..And so we launch into the difficult fashion territory that is the […]

Trends:Tangerine Dream

As a lifelong (well, so far) devotee to the endless joy that a good lipstick can bring, I am predictably enamoured with Spring’s paintbox lips (see Louis Vuitton S/S for […]

Beauty: Tangerine Dream

As a lifelong (well, so far) devotee to the endless joy that a good lipstick can bring, I am predictably enamoured with Spring’s paintbox lips (see Louis Vuitton S/S for […]

Style Crush: Cassie-style cool

Not usually one to idolise the style choices of fictional teenage girls (childhood ‘Skins‘ as my new style crush. The show, which chronicles the debaucherous antics of a group of […]

Most Wanted: My new skirt

There is no greater joy than the discovery of one item of clothing which combines everything you have been lusting after into one beautiful little package. What makes my thrifty […]