Author: Lindsay North

Loving Your Look: Norah Jones

Way to go, Norah! This lovely songstress has flown under the fashion radar for quite a few years, although she is gorgeous and always elegantly dressed. She had definitely flown […]

Money Crunch: Gryson for Target

Economic crisis: it’s been everywhere lately, affecting prices at petrol stations and at grocery stores. All of this means that we have to take money from our rainy-day funds and […]

Celeb Designers: No thanks!

Well, it seems as though every young celeb and their mother has decided to design their own line. We have Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan and others joining the roster of […]

Bag alert: Patent Francine by Coach

The name Coach may not fly off everyone’s tongue as pre-eminent handbag designers, but I’m a big fan of their merchandise (especially their planners and sunglasses). They also have very […]

Model Profile: Toni Garrn

It’s another fashion fairytale; gorgeous girl gets scooped up off the street and suddenly finds herself as part of a two-season runway exclusive with a main designer and the face […]

Accessories: Seeing Stars!

Everyone has been declaiming that stars are in! I have been a big fan of stars for awhile (to the point that I have several tattoos of them, but that […]

Fashion Fun: Popgloss

As I have mentioned once or twice before, in the fashion world it is pretty easy to veer from the fashion-as-art path into the pretentious zone.

When Good Bags Go Wrong!

Who was it that said “less is more,” or to rephrase, that “more is just more?” Whomever it was, word does not seem to have reached the bag design team […]

Pronunciation guide: Say what?!

There is nothing so embarrassing as mispronouncing someone’s name. It’s even more more of a faux pas if it is in reference to something you’re supposed to be something of […]

Get All Dressed Up!

Call me crazy, but I periodically like to go onto the net-a-porter/Barneys/shopbop etc designer lists and click on unfamiliar names. I am forever getting emails declaiming the latest DVF, Louboutin, […]

Thank you, Marc Jacobs!

I am a longtime fan of Marc Jacobs, and I usually don’t make any effort to hide it. If the man ever needed a kidney transplant, I’d probably offer him […]

Opinions: Garments as Art

It’s easy to criticize the fashion industry. Promoting eating disorders aside, the clothes are well beyond the price range of most people and it can be fairly pretentious (read an […]

Notions: Scent all day

I love perfume; I mean really, really love it. I carry samples sizes of different scent in all of my bags so that I can refresh throughout the day. Because […]