Author: Lindsay North

Beauty: Hair Wars

I don’t know about most of you, but my hair is completely unmanageable. I don’t mean that I can’t get it to hold a curl or it is too limp […]

Features: Cute & Comfy

Most of the time, fashion is all about dressing up. There are times though when high heels, pencil skirts and pantyhose are beyond unappealing, but you still want to look […]

Articles: Personal Treasures

Buddhists say that we shouldn’t be too attached to our material possessions, and to a certain extent I agree. However, there are certain dresses, pieces of jewelry or other accessories […]

Shopping: Locher’s

One of my favourite things about fashion would be the contrasts (and I am NOT referring to hipster irony, which is frankly annoying and deserving of an entire other post!); […]

Features: Bag Wishlist!

Lately, I’ve been into bags. Normally I see pretty handbags and swoon over how lovely they are, but never really think of buying them for myself (if only because they’re […]