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Eleanor Lambert

Publicist Eleanor Lambert, one of the most influential and honored pioneers shaping American fashion, died Tuesday at the age of 100. May she rest in peace.

by 8th October 2003 Daily News

Can we have and do it all?

Really interesting post from airing dirty laundry.

by 7th October 2003 Daily News
Proletarian fashion

Proletarian fashion

“Their intention is to educate people on the revolutionary works and contributions of these persons.” Some people who use fashion to express their passion.

by 5th October 2003 Fashion Fix

Fashion no good…

Is fashion damaging your health?

by 5th October 2003 Daily News
Zaldy, Culkin, Chloe

Zaldy, Culkin, Chloe

Really good interviews with Zaldy, Maculay Culkin and Chloe Sevigny from Papermag.

by 3rd October 2003 Daily News

Ideasfactory UK

Excellent advice and links from ideasfactory for wannabe fashion designers.

by 2nd October 2003 Daily News

Fashion Spot

Gather info or just communicate with people who have the same love for fashion as you at The Fashion Spot

by 1st October 2003 Daily News

Matthew Williamson website

“Style to me is about an attitude to dressing and a certain confidence in knowing what really suits you.” At last Matthew Williamson’ site is up and running.

by 30th September 2003 Daily News

Triple life

A must to read…I never thought the life of a fashion photographer could be so interesting. I’m sure the film will be out soon..

by 29th September 2003 Daily News

Elsa Schiaparelli

“Never fit a dress to the body but train the body to fit the dress” Elsa Schiaparelli “Shocking! The Art and Fashion of Elsa Schiaparelli” opens today at the Philadelphia[Read More...]

by 29th September 2003 Daily News
Nokia Fashion

Nokia Fashion

Nokia has decided to enter the fashion industry…. Nokia is expanding into new territory with its Imagewear products. The Medallions enable the user to store and display up to 8[Read More...]

by 26th September 2003 Daily News

Designer of the Year

Alexander McQueen has been named Designer of the year.. Born in London in 1969 and dubbed ‘enfant terrible’ by the fashion press, Alexander McQueen has manipulated his own fashion career[Read More...]

by 26th September 2003 Daily News
Katherine Hamnett promotes safe sex

Katherine Hamnett promotes safe sex

Katherine Hamnett used her show to promote some of her political views. She sent Naomi down the catwalk with the slogan “Use a condom” “It’s about taboo-breaking,” Hamnett said. “Naomi[Read More...]

by 25th September 2003 Daily News