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Perfect pair of trainers

Perfect pair of trainers

Help! I’ve been a complete gym freak these past couple of months but my laid-back attitude towards investing in a decent pair of training shoes has come at a price […]

The Spoilt T-shirt

The Spoilt T-shirt

Don’t you just hate it when some clever twat decides to spoil the end of a movie with a quick one liner such as “Neo is the One” or “Verbal […]

Bag Snob

Bag Snob lunches with bag designer du jour, Jennifer Alfano!


Papierblog compares the celebrities of yesteryear to the ones we have now and longs for the old days.


Fashion plates go Parisian chic with’s Les Femmes Dish Set and Coquette says snatch them up before they are all gone! says Darfur is *not* a fashion line. You can help those in need by watching a video and clicking a link!

Second City Style

Second City Style has found the perfect (eyelet accent pieces) for those who just can not commit.