Author: Nadirah Kaba

Your Top Five: Footcreams

Feet – they’re your Marmite body part – you either love them or you hate them! But, with summer slowly approaching (or a blistering hot vacation on the horizon,) the […]

Best of the Best: Spas

Four bank holidays in almost as many weeks has certainly left me feeling like 3-day weekends are the norm! But, whilst they may be deserved and lusted after like a […]

Candy cane anyone?

“I’ll take you to the candy shop…I’ll let you lick the lollipop… no, not 50 Cent’s candy shop, DKNY’s! With their new fragrances DKNY literally want you to step into […]

Blend, Cool Blend

Lemon peel, lemon zest, floral notes, cinnamon, sage, white pepper, golden amber, sandal wood and creamy suede. What is it? Betty Crocker’s recipe for nature’s cake? Well I wouldn’t put […]