Body jewellery. Yay or nay?

If you’re anything like us and, akin to a magpie, love all things shiny and sparkly, you might feel that you can never have enough jewellery either on your person […]

Smoking turns e-chic…or does it?

Some call it a sickening, oft-glamourised anti-health hype; others simply refer to it as “having a fag”. However you choose to approach the issue of smoking, opinion will always be […]

Are fashion free-for-alls really safe?

Aptly dubbed the “scariest s**t you’ll see today” by Fashionista, Alexander Wang’s recent T by Alexander Wang free-for-all was a lesson in sartorial bloodbath scenes. Rabid Wang fans, ravenous from […]

Would you wear ‘mom’ jeans?

Feeling like painfully embarrassed teens, whose parents revelled in showing them up for want of being cool (but miserably failing), we relived our red-faced nightmares when we came across a […]

Rise of the luxury basics

Forming the foundations of a well-honed wardrobe, basics play an important part in everything from outfit recycling to look-building. Those vital pieces we return to repeatedly, without the fear of […]

The beauty of (scary) feminism

Tom Ford is onto something. After providing the fairer sex with a super-luxe beauty range, complete with packaging to rival the clothes he creates, he’s now launching a new line […]