Elle Speaking Honestly

ELLE Macpherson has revealed her battle with post-natal depression and how admitting she needed help was the best move she ever made. Well she’s looking well and healthy now and […]

Love Kylie

ASOS the online store which sells “celebrity inspired fashion” has now expanded its stock and taken on the Love Kylie lingerie range. Launched in 2001, Love Kylie has proved to […]

Some Odd Rubies

Forget buying art, the investment of today is everything vintage, and Summer Phoenix has been doing it for a while with her store Some Odd Rubies For more Vintage info, […]

Hats off to Von Dutch

When Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie tried working as Arkansas milkmaids in an episode of their reality show “The Simple Life,” things ended badly, with the pair soaked in spilled […]


The rebranded, trendy, twentysomething American Jew is about as far from the neurotic characters in a Woody Allen film as you can get. The hip new brigade of “Hebesters” listens […]

Vintage Oasis

Oasis has a beautiful vintage line. Very classic and pretty. The site is in flash so couldnt post any pics but check it out here More shopping with Kookai and […]


In relation to the post below, this is definitely a much better link. (thanks Raquel) I especially liked the range of jeans.

River Island

After reading this article about River island, I decided to check what it had in store for us this winter. I must admit I don’t really bother with River Island, […]

Proletarian fashion

“Their intention is to educate people on the revolutionary works and contributions of these persons.” Some people who use fashion to express their passion.

Mod Style

I’ve always loved the mod style. I think its just the height of coolness, when worn correctly. Topshop usually have the best pieces to create this look.

H&M: Spend, Spend, Spend!

Friday is pay day and the first thing I did was run to the high street to try and spend what little money I had left after bills. Popped in […]