Hot Summer Hair Styles

The sun is shining, the clouds are parting, and the temperature is through the roof, which can only mean one thing – summer is here! Everyone wants to look their […]

Our favourite beauty secret…

Ok we’ll admit it – we haven’t quite got the hang of the word “secret” yet. We’ve just discovered a fantastic website that offers doctor-approved, natural, wrinkle-preventing beauty products, but […]

5 of the best summer fragrances

There are so many fragrances on the market these days that we know it’s pretty easy to be overwhelmed with choice. Don’t snap up any old perfume though just because […]

Tried and Tested: Burberry Beauty AW12

Is there anything British super-brand Burberry can’t do? We think not. Stellar front row line-ups; trailblazers of new social media and ‘real time’ strategies and putting out desirable collections season […]

Your skin, your rules!

Looking after my skin is definitely not something I’ve mastered. Window shopping? Yes! But skincare? Now that’s another matter. It’s not something I like to share because the truth is […]