Take a look back to when the 80’s were oh so fashionable You might even get some tips for the present…like British Knights shoes, Camp Beverly Hills, Doubling socks with […]

Fusha Designs

New York Fashion Week is upon us and I’m sooo excited. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for Spring ’04. One of the designers partcipating is Marie Claudinette Jean […]

Armani honoured

The city and the Rodeo Drive Committee, a business group made up of merchants, landowners and hoteliers, has chosen Armani as the first honoree on its new Rodeo Drive Walk […]

Sharp Dressed Male

I never thought of Mos Def as a sharp dressed male but now thinking about it, he is quite cool However I think my choice for sharp dressed male would […]


This is a very interesting article which highlights the point that unlike the music and film industry the fashion world accepts rather than rejects imitations. I have never actually thought […]


It’s always nice to have some feedback or just to hear someone else’s opnion and today I received an e-mail re last months entry called Not a celeb until you […]

Anti Style

I’ve been meaning to put this up for a long time now. A little while ago I visited Verbalisms (an e-publication dedicated to women, hip-hop and women in hip-hop) and […]

Nothing to do with fashion

A bus carrying only ugly people crashes into an oncoming truck, and everyone inside dies. They then get to meet their maker, and because of the grief they have experienced; […]

Derek Khan sent to Prison

Oh no…alot of stars especially Puffy will have to look to another stylist for their fashion help cause their current one has been sent to jail.


The 1920’s woman. Not my favourite time period for fashion but a fashionable one nevertheless.

Best dressed celeb

Victoria Beckham has been named world’s best dressed celebrity. I’m not sure if I agree. Yes she is a good dresser but I dont know about the world’s best. “She […]

Who wants to give Anna a job

Poor Anna! However I did find this quite a funny piece from insinuendo. She has never appeared to be one of the smartest around…I think she should stick to the […]

Liberty Ross and more

I didnt have a clue Liberty Ross was gettin married. Her husband looks like a sweet heart….very happy for her. She’s lovely if anyone is destined to follow in the […]

Rich list 2020

Fashion designer Romero Bryan has been predicted to make it in to the Rich list 2020 along with Kiera Knightley and Sam Branson. Check out the list

Smart Changing Rooms

Soon dept stores will be filling up with smart changing rooms according to Wired news. The smart dressing room features six tennis ball-size digital cameras distributed at key points around […]

Roger Grinstead

Stumbled upon this article about Melbourne designer Roger Grinstead who is trying to win a £5000 start up fee from his participation in Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. Was curious to […]

Not a celebrity until you have a label?

From Sean “Puffy” Combs to Pamela Anderson to Kylie Minogue, celebrities continue to infiltrate the fashion industry using their established status to market their fashion labels. Currently Gwen Stefani of […]

Fashion is an expression of faith

“Fashion is an expression of faith. In this world of ours, that seeks to give away its secrets one by one, that feeds on false confidences and fabricated revelations, it […]

Fashion, Art and Kate

Once again Kate Moss demonstrates why she’s Britain’s top model. Very modest and true to her profession, Miss Moss has agreed to pose un-airbrushed and completely nude for the September […]

Christian Dior remembers Aaliyah

Aaliyah’s memory will be honoured by Christian Dior. The fashion house will donate sales from its new sport shoe to her memorial fund between August 1 and 10. The Aaliyah […]

Fast Fashion: McFashion!

“We are consumers of McFashion. Fashion has begun to resemble fast food: fast, disposable, easy, unintimidating, entertaining and homogenous. Just as McDonald’s has taken over the globe, dishing out the […]