New arrival

Congratualations to Collette Dinnigan on the birth of her new baby…. SYDNEY’S best-dressed baby girl was born yesterday to designer Collette Dinnigan and Channel Nine entertainment guru Richard Wilkins.

Blame it on the Fashion

The fashion industry was blamed yesterday for glamorising smoking, despite medical evidence which shows it hastens the onset of wrinkles and signs of old age.

Papermag interviews Tyra Banks

Papermag interviews Tyra Banks

“I take my business very seriously,” she continues. “Like, so, so seriously. But me as a person, I don’t get embarrassed, I don’t care. I’ll stand on this table and […]

Donatella in Rehab

The fashion industry just can’t seem to shake of it’s association with drugs at the moment. Just weeks after Ingrid Parewijck, was arrested for drug possesion, Donatella Versace has been […]