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The Beauty of Glass Art in Prague

As soon as men discovered the process of producing glass they saw the beauty in it and used it for art. Early archeological finds discovered decorative pieces made of glass […]

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How to select art for your home

If you’ve just bought a new home or just want to jazz up your existing one with a funky, chic and expensive piece of artwork but don’t know where to […]

Does the Rodarte – Aboriginal art fiasco call for cultural inspiration to be policed, or even worse, killed off?

We we’re a little concerned after coming across an interesting tale of cultural and commercial conflict, and the restraint this conflict has tried to introduce into the borrow-and –take world of […]

Richard Phillips’ Most Wanted celebrity art exhibition

Richard Phillips’ Most Wanted celebrity art exhibition

Proving just how obssesed we are with celebrities, branding and wealth (as a nation, that is), artist Richard Phillips‘ latest project, Most Wanted, captures just a few of the famous […]

SHOWstudio’s latest exhibition

SHOWstudio’s latest exhibition

SHOWstudio‘s exhibitions have quickly earned a reputation of being among some of the most innovative and interesting around London’s streets, and we’re pretty sure the latest one – an uncensored […]