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Jessica Simpson gives birth to baby girl!

Jessica Simpson gives birth to baby girl!

It was quite literally only yesterday when we pondered when Jessica Simpson would give birth, but now the wait is officially over.  

by 2nd May 2012 Daily News
Lily Allen gives birth to baby girl

Lily Allen gives birth to baby girl

Congratulations to new mummy Lily Allen, as she and husband Sam Cooper welcomed their baby girl into the world at the weekend. 

by 28th November 2011 Daily News

Sales of To Kill A Mocking Bird have more than doubled thanks to the Beckhams

Since David Beckham revealed that author, Harper Lee, was of the main inspirations behind his daughter’s name – Harper Seven Beckham – at the weekend, sales of her novel To[Read More...]

by 20th July 2011 Daily News

Victoria Beckham has given birth!

Victoria Beckham has finally given birth to the longed-for daughter her and husband David have always wanted – and they’ve named her Harper Seven Beckham.

by 11th July 2011 Daily News

David Beckham and Snoop Dogg design baby clothes

It looks as though David Beckham has got baby fever on the brain ever since he announced his missus, Victoria Beckham, was pregnant with their fourth baby – but now[Read More...]

by 11th April 2011 Daily News
Victoria Beckham’s having a girl

Victoria Beckham’s having a girl

Finally, the news has been revealed that Victoria Beckham is due to have a beautiful baby girl this summer! Time to start swapping those footballs for Barbie dolls, Vic.

by 15th March 2011 Daily News