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Articles: The Elements of Style

These days the stylistically challenged have no shortage of fashion guides with snappy names and cumbersome subtitles. Want to look like Nicole Richie? Read Style A to Zoe: The Art […]

Beauty: M.A.C Matte2

Remember the eye gel trend of a few years ago, when silky powders were replaced by pots and tubes of slick and shiny eye paint? Not only was it hard […]

Reviews: The Tokyo Look Book

Japanese street fashion has always been somewhat of a fascination; it’s fearless and experimental in way that is hard to find in other fashion capitals. Bursting with over 200 amazing […]

Beauty: Skin MD Natural

I have real issues with facial creams, too greasy and I break out in spots, too light and my skin feels uncomfortable and dry. Elemis Absolute Night Cream, is the […]

Reviews: Blood is the New Black

Have you ever wondered why black is always in style? Valerie Strivers provides an answer to this age old question in her spirited debut novel, Blood is the New Black […]

Reviews: Gina Velasco Spring 2008

Gina Velasco describes her Spring 2008 Ready-to-Wear collection “Bolero Breve” as being inspired by the 1920s and the work of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. In theory this may seem like […]

Shoe Fleur: A Footwear Fantasy!

Shoe Fleur: A Footwear Fantasy can best be described as a “spectacular fusion of photography and the digital arts. Created and photographed by Michel Tcherevkoff, the book is comprised of […]

London Fashion Week: On or Off?

Moving from the On to the Off shows one thing has been most evident, while the On schedule designers have been successful in pulling in well known faces, influential editors […]

Reviews: Falling Out of Fashion

There’s a certain familiar formula that’s become de rigueur in the rarified niche of roman a chefs about the fashion industry. You’ve seen it before: the long suffering assistant is […]

Review: M.A.C Collections

I’ve had some reviews for M.A.C samples that were sent over that were extemely overdue for posting. So I’ve decided to combine them together to create one big post. Regular […]

On Off preview: Spring/Summer 08

Going to a fashion show, especially one held in a club- is like starring in a show yourself. Everyone is immaculately dressed and as guests wait patiently for the show […]

RM by Roland Mouret

Roland Mouret is back. Under his new label RM (backed by Simon Fuller who also manages the Spice girls) Mouret presented a pleasant cruise collection for Spring 2008. I wish […]

Super Fantastic!

If you’ve been seduced by the charm of Manolo the Shoeblogger then you’ll instantly recognise his signature statement “You are super fantastic! Although Manolo gives us a snippet of his […]

Chasing Cool

“Simply chasing cool is really a bad idea; inspired by cool is a great idea. Walk the street, see what’s going on, and spit it out in your own way. […]

Look fabulous for less!

In a bid to unleash the inner Budget Fashionista in all of us our favourite budget loving, money maximising fashion blogger Kathryn Finney – also known as The Budget Fashionista […]

Dove SkinVitaliser

Oh how I love a new gadget and this latest one – the Dove SkinVitaliser looked particularly exciting! Something that exfoliates away all those pesky loose skin cells, removes your […]

The Olsen Tweens

Mini moguls and queens of the tweens, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have packed a lot into 20 years, achieving more success than most of us would hope to see in […]

Gavin Douglas: London Fashion Week

It was elegant and sultry at Gavin Douglas. Entitled “Queens of the Ocean, Douglas gave us his interpretation of 1940’s glamour with his first collection at London Fashion Week since […]