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Dunkin Naomi

Naomi ‘s diva ways are the focus of the new Dunkin Donut advert. The supermodel attempts a spot of gardening and in frustration throws her heel through a window. She […]

Rehab -Yes or No?

We’ve been bombarded with claims of fashion cleaning up its act. Underage models are being banned from the catwalk and the backlash against size zero models continues. But what’s this? […]

Rimmel to drop Kate?

How strange…..Rimmel were willing to stand by Kate Moss through her drug scandal but god forbid they stick with her through the aging process. The rumour mill is spinning again […]

Miu Miu: Metallic Bag

Another picture from the miu miu ad campaign with Lindsay Lohan and my opinion still hasn’t changed. I do prefer this picture to the first though simply because of the […]