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Lily Allen defends her Lucy In Disguise business

After recent articles were published in this weekend’s papers claiming Lily Allen‘s business, Lucy In Disguise, was experiencing trouble after the closure of it’s Covent Garden store, the singer has[Read More...]

by 19th July 2011 Daily News

Beyonce splashes £9,000 on clothes she didn’t even try on

Many of us would love to hit the town and shop till we dropped, without worrying about that dreaded bill at the end. Well, for one lucky Beyonce Knowles, money[Read More...]

by 15th July 2011 Daily News

Kate Middleton changed outfits on the plane to Canada

As her tour of the US and Canada officially kicked off yesterday, Kate Middleton has been under immense pressure to impress in the wardrobe department ever since.

by 1st July 2011 Daily News

Weekly round-up

Find out why Giles, Craig Lawrence and Nicola Formichetti have teamed up with SHOWstudio, what Beyonce thinks about her life in fashion, and what the latest scented nail varnishes smell[Read More...]

by 18th June 2011 Fashion Fix
Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani

“Lamb’ is anything cute,” the singer explains. “It’s basically the clothes I wear. I want it to be my style, so I can wear them. I don’t know what it[Read More...]

by 28th November 2003 Daily News

Fashion 4 all sizes

I just read this Hi, I am a size 42 / 444 and battle to find modern clothes. I would love to keep in line with the new trends, but[Read More...]

by 20th November 2003 Daily News

HATE fashion but LOVE clothes

Is it possible to hate fashion but love clothes? I just cant decide. I checked out the definition of fashion: 1. The prevailing style or custom, as in dress or[Read More...]

by 19th November 2003 Daily News

Glamorous or Cool?

How do you wear your clothes?

by 10th October 2003 Daily News