Tag: Collaboration

Karl Lagerfeld creates RTW for Hogan

Remember back in March when Hogan revealed its hit collaborative designer was Karl Lagerfeld, set to create a capsule footwear collection for the brand? Good – well, it seems the […]

Karl’s Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola light has been the favourite tipple of Karl Lagerfeld’s since way back in 2001, where he famously credited his large weight loss to the fizzy pop. Fast forward nine […]

Paul Smith’s rubbish

No, no, Paul Smith himself isn’t rubbish he’s actually quite clever. But he is turning his artistic hand to help solve the issue of rubbish. I wonder if designers ever […]

Zandra Rhodes takes on M&S!

Oh we do love a collaboration, and one that combines one of the most flamboyant designers and a British institution is a recipe for fashion bliss. Zandra Rhodes’ kooky prints […]

Jil Sander heads to Uniqlo

Yesterday, I told you to expect the unexpected on the design front. Well, here is another unexpected move from a designer; Jil Sander is off to Uniqlo. She hasn’t really […]

Topshop gets the Biba treatment

Topshop and Biba have been compared over and over again. Both huge successes, both aimed at young women, synonymous with British fashion and both broke/break the mould of high street […]

Is Alexa Chung, getting a New Look?

It’s hard to move these days without hearing “collaboration” or “celebrity modelling” [insert designer]”, being shouted from a penthouse rooftop. And now there is another possible collaboration on the horizon. […]