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My Trusty Chucks!

Last weekend during the only snowstorm of the year, my trusty Converse trainers broke. I was wondering why my toes were feeling damp, when I looked down and saw a […]

Walk the tights-rope!

I have always been an enthusiastic ambassador for the joys of coloured tights, so it is with a heavy heart that I announce my resignation. That is not to say […]

Trends: Ballerina Fashionista!

Contrary to what the magazines would have you believe, there is a way to float through Spring’s romance-spun reverie withough having to overload your garden with never-ending floral prints. A […]

Paris Je T’aime!

It is something of a style cliche to say that Paris is a site of style inspiration but a recent trip to the City of Lights has reminded me why […]

Gwyneth Paltrow: Short Story!

You can’t swing your long locks at the moment without hitting a whole bevvy of style icons who have taken the chop (most recently Gwyneth Paltrow). Short hair seems to […]

When Good Bags Go Wrong!

Who was it that said “less is more,” or to rephrase, that “more is just more?” Whomever it was, word does not seem to have reached the bag design team […]

Trend Alert: Dream in denim

Denim seems to be having a bit of a moment. More than usual, that is. Pale and, more alarmingly, stonewash denim is invading our nation’s streets and magazines at a […]

Brogues: Fancy Footwork

I don’t know about you, but a whole season later and I am still in love with brogues. Flat patent brogues, shoe-boot brogues, brogues with heels, and the list continues. […]

Pronunciation guide: Say what?!

There is nothing so embarrassing as mispronouncing someone’s name. It’s even more more of a faux pas if it is in reference to something you’re supposed to be something of […]

Get All Dressed Up!

Call me crazy, but I periodically like to go onto the net-a-porter/Barneys/shopbop etc designer lists and click on unfamiliar names. I am forever getting emails declaiming the latest DVF, Louboutin, […]

AW08 Trends: Headwear

Hairbands, headpieces, elaborate hats and all decoration in the general head area has been the crowning glory of the fashion world for a while now, but it is a trend […]

Thank you, Marc Jacobs!

I am a longtime fan of Marc Jacobs, and I usually don’t make any effort to hide it. If the man ever needed a kidney transplant, I’d probably offer him […]

Opinions: Garments as Art

It’s easy to criticize the fashion industry. Promoting eating disorders aside, the clothes are well beyond the price range of most people and it can be fairly pretentious (read an […]

It Bags: Mulberry Mabel Madness!

I think the unwritten rule is that if you see more than three hot Tinseltown “it girls photographed carrying the same purse, it automatically becomes the next “it bag. So […]

Fighting Talk: Let the battle begin!

Fashion is a fickle creature; her moods are fleeting and her tastes volatile. Not too difficult to predict, then, that there would be an autumnal backlash against spring’s romance and […]

Features: Cute & Comfy

Most of the time, fashion is all about dressing up. There are times though when high heels, pencil skirts and pantyhose are beyond unappealing, but you still want to look […]

Beauty: Too Faced Mood Swing

Remember those kitschy mood rings or hyper-color t-shirts that we used to love in grade school? I used to think it was so cool that something would change colors based […]

Articles: Personal Treasures

Buddhists say that we shouldn’t be too attached to our material possessions, and to a certain extent I agree. However, there are certain dresses, pieces of jewelry or other accessories […]