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Treat him to…..

We all know that men can be a nightmare to shop for. They are insufferably vague and don’t give you the slightest idea on what gift avenues to take. That’s […]

Headgear du jour: The Baseball Cap

Hats off to fashion’s recent revival of headgear, in particular the baseball cap. The humble headpiece hasn’t been this lauded since the (stylistically questionable) 80s, and fashion designers are taking […]

5 stylish accessories every woman should own!

Outfit ‘gellers’, closet completers, or wardrobe ‘uniters’: however you prefer to address them, stylish accessories are the cornerstone of an accomplished wardrobe. Fashionably educated women understand that breathtaking looks are […]

Steel vs Cheap: Hot headgear

With summer just around the corner (we hope) and our holidays booked, we are all getting into the spirit of summer shopping. No-one can deny that little rush of joy […]

Hats off: Helene Berman

As winter steadily approaches a good hat can easily become ones best friend;  great for keeping you cosy on those bleak wintry days as well as providing a convenient disguise […]

Bright Sparks: Marks & Spencer

This flamboyant head arrangement throws me into a quandary of confusion. It certainly catches the eye, screaming at me to pop it on and go for a burlesque audition. The […]

Roll Up for the Circus Trend!

I live by the saying that you can “make any outfit by accessorising”. A plain dress, or even those simple jeans and a t-shirt days can be picked up on […]

Key Items for AW08: Bowler Hat

Ever since spying one of the new Topshop ‘on the buses’ ads, I am suddenly harbouring an irrepressible urge to buy a bowler hat. They’ve been creeping in for a […]

Shopping: Floppy Hats

With all of my summer travel plans (most which revolve around a beach of some kind), I’m in the need for fun hat to help shade myself from the sun […]

Shopping: Topshop Sequin Beret

Berets, floppy hats or beanies? However you opt to keep your head stylish and warm, we say do it in colour. Topshop has a great selection of brightly coloured options; […]

Hats off to Von Dutch

When Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie tried working as Arkansas milkmaids in an episode of their reality show “The Simple Life,” things ended badly, with the pair soaked in spilled […]