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Weekly round-up

See what Rachel Zoe got for her birthday, catch a peek of her clothing line for QVC, and find out what’s been getting up fashion’s nose this week…

PETA snap at Hermes

Hermes has been blasted for breeding crocodiles to make bags. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) branded the French luxury group ‘outdated’ for

Hermes breeding crocodiles

Hermes are breeding their own crocodiles to meet demand for their leather bags. There is a waiting list of several years for some of the French luxury group’s exotic-skin bags […]

Fave model of the month

Matthew Avedon: The cat’s out of the bag! Richard Avedon’s skate-boy grandson has graced Paper magazine’s “Most Beautiful People” issue, merited a lavish write-up in the NY Times Style Section […]