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Naughty Grazia admit to digitally slimming painfully slender Kate Middleton

Another week, another boot in a glossy magazine’s metaphorical behind. This time, weekly glossy, Grazia, were reminded of the harrowing effects of promoting digitally altered images. The Press Complaints Association […]

Vivienne Westwood knocks Kate Middleton off her throne

Before you read the title and assume the royal marriage is now defunct, read on. Kate is still very much married to Britain’s most eligible bachelor and she still has […]

Why didn’t the Queen make the Vanity Fair 2011 International Best Dressed list eh?

Once again we have an inventory placing who’s-who in the land of the style-privileged on a pedestal for their wardrobe choices. Vanity Fair released a preview of the 72nd International […]

Zara Phillips’ wedding dress….granny-chic?

The Second Wedding as it will probably come to be known took place on July 30, when the Queen’s granddaughter wed long-term beau Mike Tindall in what was a surprisingly […]

The Queen isn’t a fan of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress exhibition

When Kate Middleton visited the exhibition of her wedding dress at Buckingham Palace with the Queen last week, her majesty didn’t seem to take an instant liking to what she […]

Leave Kate alone. Her jeans aren’t too short, they’re cropped!

As I have said to myself in front of many a fitting room mirror, there is a fine line between cropped jeans and jeans that just look like they have […]