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Lana Del Rey’s Style: Eccentric, experimental or explain, please?

This is not a post to knock down, smash to smithereens, and then build back up a singer, who by many, is held in high regard, but a complimentary offering […]

Is Lana Del Rey the new face of Versace?

Is Lana Del Rey the new face of Versace?

Ad campaigns are, at the best of times, kept hush hush until the last minute, which is why we were more than a bit surprised to learn that Lana Del […]

Monday Musings: The things rattling our fashion brains on the hardest day of the week

Kanye West returns to Paris Fashion Week Yes! And how hotly anticipated his return is at My Fashion Life HQ, we can’t even begin to tell you. We love a […]

Lusting after the Bleecker Legacy Leather Weekend Tote!

As far as girl-of-the-moments go Lana Del Rey is pretty much up there at the top. A self-proclaimed ‘Gangster Nancy Sinatra’, Lana has bewitched the fash pack with her unique […]