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Bored with jeans? Try these leggings!

Although available in several guises these days, there comes a point when even the most die-hard fashionista tires of slipping into her snug-fit jeans. So, to alleviate this just-had-enough-of-jeans feeling […]

Top ten funky leggings

Even if you’re not a huge advocate of leggings, we have a feeling that you may just change your mind once you take a peek at our selection of the […]

Where to buy wet look leggings?

Wet look leggings have been on the fashion radar for a while now. Whether you pin point their rise to fashion “must have” from when Posh first stepped out in […]

Men in leggings….seriously?

With skinny jeans and leggings being at the core of ‘below the waist’ fashion, accentuating legs seems to be key to most styles. I myself have a number of pairs […]