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A distaster…

I love your blog and so do a LOT of people! So you MUST start a petition to prevent the sale of the paris-hilton-nicole richie disaster of a bazaar cover. […]

Model Feedback

I’m so happpy that so many people have recognized me! Thank you so much! I never thought that a girl from Australia could make it so far! It has been […]


—–Original Message—– From: Twinkle&Jones [mailto:us@twinkleandjones.com] Sent: 14 February 2005 18:13 To: contact@myfashionlife.com Subject: love the site! ran across your site for the first time today, love the stuff and wondered […]

Battle of the best dressers

I really like this comment… A new comment has been posted on your blog My Fashion Life, on entry #1034 (Learning from the Japanese). Name: Uncle C Email Address: gynuwine_article@hotmail.com […]


It’s always nice to have some feedback or just to hear someone else’s opnion and today I received an e-mail re last months entry called Not a celeb until you […]