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Bow ties

Men…want to be different and stylish? well then the bow tie is for you. According to the Indianapolis star…. Wearing bow ties also is a way to get attention from […]

Ozwald 4 Givenchy

I am so happy about this, I had the pleasure of scaring Ozwald Boateng half to death when I saw him on Portebello Rd. I nearly died of shock. But […]

Masculine vs Feminine

Menswear is a major trend for fall, with man-tailored pinstripe trousers and even fedoras paired with stiletto heels and red lipstick for an intriguing masculine-feminine tug-of-war read more with canada.com

Proletarian fashion

“Their intention is to educate people on the revolutionary works and contributions of these persons.” Some people who use fashion to express their passion.