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Episode 13: “The Top Model That We Know She Is

Of the three girls IMG eyed for the entire Model.Live series, Cato emerged as the golden child, walking an amazing 37 shows across the entire show season. Campaign season is […]

Episode 12: Big Fish, Little Pond

Back from suspension (don’t quote me) after exhibiting some rather slipshod behaviour in London, Austria’s mother agent, Socrates McKinney, delivers a vindicating performance as he narrates much of the episode. […]

Model.Live Episode 11: Let’s Talk Money

I’m far from an expert when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of the modelling industry. However, the little I did know prior to Model.Live has been supplanted […]

Model.Live Episode 10: Patience is a Virtue

So Model.Live decided to do a two-part feature on Paris Fashion Week, but in actuality this episode served as a wrap-up for the entire show season. In news relating to […]