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Model.Live Episode 3: The Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs

Unlike ANTM, technically you can’t really “root for a model on

Model.Live: Fame and Happiness, Are They One and the Same?

It’s only two episodes into Vogue.TV’s Model Live reality show and we’re hooked. Granted that ANTM and Model Live capture the model at different stages of their career, but Tyra […]

Model.Live: The Reality Drama Begins

Model.Live: The Reality Drama Begins

Model.Live , the new reality series from premieres today. The show will follow three determined IMG Models – Austria Alcantara of the Dominican Republic (16yrs old), Cato van Ee […]

Vogue Gets in on the Reality TV Action

When I was younger, like many girls my age I wanted to be a model. Information on how to actually become one was scarce especially when at the time every […]