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Moss bans friends

Kate and Pete just cant keep out of the news…first she’s saving him from his drug habit, then her friends complain about her choice of man, then they have a […]

Elle & Al

Now that Miss Macpherson is back on the market it seems that she is being linked to any and every male she comes into close proximity with. Next man in […]

Elle Macpherson separates

Former Supermodel and currently successful businesswoman Elle Macpherson has split from her long term partner Arpad Busson. After a nine year relationship and two children the pair have issued the […]

Kate Marries Pete

The will they won’t they question has been answered as Kate Moss weds Pete Doherty for a day! According to contactmusic.com the pair married in a mock wedding at the […]

Liz Hurley in Fashion reality

Model, Actress and designer Elizabeth Hurley will be hosting the British version of Project Catwalk, a reality tv competition in which 12 designers compete to make it in the world […]

women in the fashion industry

Some really good interviews with women in the fashion industry from Factio Magazine:- Jacinta Law – CEO and Executive Producer of San Francisco International Fashion Week Anne Fontaine – CEO […]

Kate sings with Pete

Will Kate Moss finally turn her hand to a singing career? Well if her recent antics at her boyfriends recent gig are anything to go by then watch this space… […]

Gisele reveals her secrets

Victoria’s secrets unveiled their new superbra last week with the aid of Supermodel Gisele Bundchen. The IPEX bra is designed to enhance the boobs providing the wearer with the perfect […]

What a lucky girl!

Lucky Sienna Miller, to have a man like Jude Law propose to her… “Jude Law has broken a whole load of hearts in favour of sharing his life with girlfriend […]

Yellow Fever

Design ur own T-shirt with Yellow Fever Clothing. Set up by Jamison Ernest Yellow Fever is becoming a fast favourite for models such as Heidi Klum.

Street Fashion

Moshood, born in Nigeria, recently turned the streets outside his store – Fulton Street – into a catwalk – where models wearing much of his African-inspired clothing, strutted their stuff.

Naomi’s next venture

LONDON – Supermodel Naomi Campbell, famous for her strops and fights with the press, is hoping to show a different side of her personality with the launch of a reality […]

Kate vs Sienna

For so long Kate Moss has had no real rival to threaten her status as Queen of Chic….that was until Sienna Miller. This new kid on the block is giving […]

Elle Speaking Honestly

ELLE Macpherson has revealed her battle with post-natal depression and how admitting she needed help was the best move she ever made. Well she’s looking well and healthy now and […]

Lucky Kate

Kate Moss received some juicy goodies for her birthday But what do you get the girl who has everything? In Kate’s case more than £1million worth of goodies including gems, […]

Heidi & Mouawad

Mouawad, The Heidi Klum Collection is a dazzling line of fine jewelry created by legendary international jeweler. Mouawad and Supermodel Heidi Klum. The collection was inspired by one of Heidi’s […]

Fashion & Ines

“I think I’ve done fashion passing through it. Not really being there. Passing through, meeting nice people and then coming back.” -Ines Sastre

Lu Yan

New model on the block Lu Yan is causing a bit of a stir. While her small eyes and nose may not fit the traditional image of beauty in China, […]

Yomi Abiola

The model Yomi Abiola, 21, was 10 when her father, Chief Moshood Abiola, was elected president of Nigeria. But before he could fulfil his new role, his life took a […]

Clothes hanger models

Fashion’s minor leagues may be overrun with spindly young hopefuls, but the big time is dominated by a few dozen women who are known by their first names and who […]

Skinny fashion models

Why fashion models are so skinny according to Leo Savage. Men as a rule like women with breasts. Is this in doubt? If you don’t believe me, just ask a […]

Fave model of the month

Matthew Avedon: The cat’s out of the bag! Richard Avedon’s skate-boy grandson has graced Paper magazine’s “Most Beautiful People” issue, merited a lavish write-up in the NY Times Style Section […]

Liberty Ross and more

I didnt have a clue Liberty Ross was gettin married. Her husband looks like a sweet heart….very happy for her. She’s lovely if anyone is destined to follow in the […]