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Love Your Style: Lykke Li

Love Your Style: Lykke Li

Not one to adopt “style icons” from the celebrity realm I have to confess to a guilty fascination with the sartorial choices of Swedish singer

by 4th July 2008 Celebrity Style

Solange Knowles: I Decided

Its been a very long time since I posted any music up on the site. So…here is the new video from Solange Knowles (a.k.a Beyonce‘s little sister) for her single[Read More...]

by 9th June 2008 Fashion Fix

Agyness Deyn with Five O’Clock Heroes: Who

Because we havent posted music in a while, because we do love our Aggie and…well just because really. Here is the new video for Aggie’s musical debut with Five O’Clock[Read More...]

by 7th May 2008 Fashion Fix

Features: Natasha Bedingfield goes shopping with MySpace.

We have such soft spot for Natasha Bedingfield, she always seems to have so much energy! With a new single on the way Natasha with her stylist in tow took[Read More...]

by 16th January 2008 Fashion Fix

Music: Kylie – Two Hearts

Morning all! Did everyone have a good weekend? Thought it’d be fitting to kick start the week with Kylie‘s video for “Two Hearts. It’s great for boosting those energy levels.[Read More...]

by 19th November 2007 Fashion Fix

Timbaland Rocks!

Morning all! It’s been a very long time since I posted any music (well…aside from Prince’s new video) so I thought I’d kick off the week with Timbalands performance of[Read More...]

by 5th November 2007 Fashion Fix

Features: Prince’s performance at Matthew Williamson

OMG! (Excuse me for a minute while I squeal like a love struck teenager!) I would never have come across this video so soon if The Business of Fashion hadn’t[Read More...]

by 29th October 2007 Fashion Fix

Ditto rocks for Kane

In honour of Kane’s fantastic decision to partner up with Beth Ditto for this year’s Fashion Rocks, I thought I’d start of this weeks festivities with The Gossip’s, Standing in[Read More...]

by 2nd July 2007 Fashion Fix

Another day, another dollar….

The days just seem to be flying by so I thought I’d pick the slow and chilled “Like a Star” by Corinne Rae Bailey to start the week off…Enjoy!

by 18th June 2007 Fashion Fix

Amy Winehouse: No Greater Love

Lose those monday blues with the beautiful Amy Winehouse singing “No greater Love”…..

by 11th June 2007 Fashion Fix

Kylie Minogue: Come Into My World

A little music to take away those monday morning blues……

by 21st May 2007 Fashion Fix

Scissor Sisters: Kiss you off

by 27th April 2007 Fashion Fix

Gwen Stefani: 4 in the morning

I for one am looking forward to this weekend! For those slaving away in the office here’s some music from Gwen Stefani with her new video for “4 in the[Read More...]

by 20th April 2007 Fashion Fix